Mandragora Thuringia


1. Juni 2024Privatveranstaltungbei Jena
15. Juni 2024Mensch mach mit! FestivalSeewieseFriedberg

Further appearances for 2024 are planned!

Event History

13. April 2024ZwergentanzfestivalBlackbox NürnbergNürnberg
24. November 2023Folk & Pagan Metal Nachtb-hofWürzburg
30. September 2023Thüringer Tolkien TagPapiermühleJena
17. Juni 2023FAK-FESTival 2023Ernst-Abbe-PlatzJena
16. Juni 2023Sternenklang FestivalNiederburg KranichfeldKranichfeld
30. April 2023
10 Jahre KoboldrockKasseturmWeimar
21. April 2023Support for Vogelfrey - Titanium Tour 2023
11. - 13. August 2022Helmfest 2022auf Helmstedts rockigsten AckerHelmstedt
03. September 2022Bookwood Festival 2022K1 BuchholzBuchholz
16. September 2022Rudelgedudel - NürnbergLUISE - The CultfactoryNürnberg
17. September 2022ClubshowTrash Gera · Tanz- und NachtclubGera
23.-25 Juni 2022Hörnerfestein ehemaliger Bauernhof im GrünenBrande-Hörnerkirchen
30. April 2022Folk Metal Nachtb-hof WürzburgWürzburg
2022-04-01Mead and Greed Festival 2022ResonanzwerkOberhausen
2021-09-24Thorshammer FestivalOpen Air FestivalSchalkau (Thüringen)
2021-07-16Mahlstrom Open AirOpen Air FestivalHolzappel am Herthasee
2021-06-19Sternenklang Online FestivalLive aus der MoritzbasteiLeipzig
2020-10-16Party.San Herbstoffensive 2020 UhrenwerkWeimar
2020-02-22R:A:W:W:W - Rock am Wehr | Winterwehrkassablanca gleis 1Jena
2019-09-06Endless Summer Rum European TourClub from Hell, ErfurtErfurt
2019-07-13Schweinestall-Festival IVSchweinestall MügoMügo
2019-02-23Es knallt im Wald (mit Alrauna)KulturfabrikMülhausen
2018-06-23mit: Falkenrag, Claim the Throne, Vera LuxClub from Hell, ErfurtErfurt
2017-07-22-- private Veranstaltung --Mühlhausen
2017-05-20Handicap-FestivalJUNITY - Jugendfreizeiteinrichtung der Stadt FriedbergFriedberg
2017-03-03M + M = Metal (CD-Release-Party mit Mephisto)KulturfabrikMühlhausen
2016-12-10Deutscher Rock- und Pop-PreisSiegerlandhalleSiegen
2016-06-18FAKFESTivalBio-Campus (Neugasse)Jena
2015-09-25VII. Long Heavy NightAltes E-WerkEschwege
2015-09-0320-Wahre-Jahre-Festival (Teilnahme am Band-Contest)LoreleySt. Goarshausen
2015-06-13-- private Veranstaltung --Großbrüchter
2014-08-23Rock am TeichBebraer TeichSondershausen
2014-08-01AltstadtfestAltendorfer StiegeNordhausen
2014-07-05mit: KöhnigeSportplatzHolzthaleben
2014-02-08Permafrost Melting Metal Night IIDestilleNordhausen
2013-11-16Benefiz-Konzert (mit: Köhnige)SportplatzHolzthaleben
2013-06-08Rockfire IISchlossparkEbeleben
2013-04-06Mansfield Night of Noise IIIWiesenhausEisleben
2013-01-12Permafrost Melting Metal NightDestilleNordhausen
2012-08-25Rock am TeichBebraer TeichSondershausen
2012-06-02I. Rockfire-FestivalSchlossparkEbeleben
2011-09-30-- private Veranstaltung --Großbrüchter
2011-09-10mit: Amazing AttitudeRatskellerSchernberg
2011-08-27-- private Veranstaltung --Burgsdorf


Rex Silvarum (official video)


You can find more of our music here!

The Band


MANDRAGORA THURINGIA have awakened in the Kyffhäuser Region of northern Thuringia in 2008. Back then, the group started out as a Rock-Cover-Band using a Shawm, but over the years, they have evolved into a 7-headed Epic-Folk-Metal Group. Heavy guitar sounds now meet medieval instruments, leading to an exciting mixture of punching and metal typical riffs with catchy bagpipe lines supported by folky accordion melodies.

Epic synthesizer sounds complete the atmosphere while carrying the songs with choirs and string sections to underline the intended emotions in the songs. Diversely structured pieces tell the tales from ancient days and heroic battles, or invite to party along and drink, leading to a unique mix of Epic- and Folk-Metal. Bands like IN EXTREMO, SABATON or EQUILIBRIUM can clearly be considered as influences.

After playing “20 Wahre Jahre Festival” in 2015, the decision was made to create more own music. So preexisting original songs were worked on, improved and finished in order to find a partner for a first own record.

Finally, in 2016, the first original EP “Mandragora erwacht”, presenting own songs, was released. The Band was awarded prices for their new record at the “German Rock- and Pop-Awards” for “German Hardrock”, scoring first place in the categories “Best Metal-Band” and “Best-Metal-Song” with their new EP.
Unfortunately, the wide-range promotion of the EP was hindered by a conflict of interest of the band members in MANDRAGORA THURINGIA, leading to a fluctuating lineup until the end of 2017. Finally, in 2018, a strong line up was established, ready to storm the stages of the world.

In early 2019, the recordings for the first full-length original record were performed with Mario Dahmen in the LIQUID AETHER AUDIO studios (e.g. Roadrunner and Locomotive Records) and since then the new album was worked on eagerly. The new record “Der Vagabund” was released on 29. of November 2019. The Digipack was released at the Rock am Wehr – Winterwehr Festival (R:A:W:W:W) in Jena on February 22, 2020


Zwergentanz 2024

Helmfest 2022