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13 tracks provide you with fresh sound and new, Mandragonian music!

“Rex Silvarum” offers everything the folk metal heart desires: hard guitar sounds paired with folk instruments create an intoxicating atmosphere between brute, metallic parts and danceable, driving bagpipe and accordion melodies. The whole thing is rounded off with epic keyboards, choirs or strings, which carry the emotions of the songs and spread goosebumps. The album contains 13 varied songs that tell stories of old days, tell of battles or invite you to drink.

Sit down at the campfire with the Thuringians and listen to their irresistible melodies. Recorded in the Splendid Wave Studios by Dom R. Crey (Equilibrium, Nothgard) and mastered by Andre Hofman (Varg, Wolfchant), there are also guest appearances by Dom R. Crey and Robse Dahn.

Rex Silvarum – the king of the forest grants you an audience!

1.) Frühling
2.) Ausbruch
3.) Falkenflug
4.) Kreaturen der Nacht
5.) Sunufatarungo
6.) Rex Silvarum
7.) Waldgeflüster
8.) Amygdala (feat. Dom R. Crey)
9.) Grünes Meer
10.) Kriegerbarden
11.) Trollmelodie
12.) Linde (feat. Robert “Robse” Dahn)
13.) Herbst

The whole thing comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet that contains all the lyrics.

(Release: 04.11.2022)